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about us


Contrast Contracting LLC was founded in 2008 which are part of Etimad holding company one of the biggest national leaders in the U.A.E. State and is one of a group of operational companies work with, and is specialized in construction and ancillary services including: commercial buildings General, bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, housing, water and sanitation projects and wastewater treatment plants, power stations, hospitals and sports buildings, mechanical and other projects as many outstanding cadres that work as a team

We provide the highest level of Complementary services, control and monitoring mechanisms for many standard solutions integrated for the construction sector. The main message that seeks to achieve in the latest standard solutions integrated for the construction sector.


Providing equipment with qualified technical staff and coach on the implementation of all construction works (extension of piped-ways- streets-electrical work-buildings etc).
Apply the highest stages of construction and finishes that meet all tastes of customers from credit materials New techniques during labor and delivery.
During the implementation of projects the company to use all materials and devices and modern and sophisticated number.
Eligible employment insurance service with a high level of competence in the performance of its mandated work and length of project commitment.
Continuous expansion and rapid growth with our company in more than a dozen mother group companies in the UAE and are available globally.


Contrast Contracting aims to provide solutions with a commitment to keep up with the latest technologies in the construction industry on the national and regional level and using efficient manpower and latest equipment and machinery which guarantees provide the best service to domestic and global market


Contrast Contracting utilizes leading edge technologies and adopts to problem solving. Contrast is continually adding to its technical expertise through its specialized divisions in their area of competence and expanding product portfolio to ensure that customers obtain the best solutions for their specific requirements from a single source.